Barriers to entry: We break them!
"We pool our collective talents to successfully develop and implement your strategy for entry into the US retail marketplace, in less time, with better access to space, and the ability to attract key personnel, by teaming with a recognized, successfull market leader." 

Access to prime retail locations: WE OPEN THE DOORS!
Developing relationships with landlords: WE KNOW THEM and equally important, THEY KNOW US!
Creating a brand: we have done it TIME AND TIME AGAIN.
Negotiating the lease: WE KNOW THE INS AND OUTS of their clauses and THEY KNOW WE KNOW!

Immediate RECOGNITION by leveraging our REPUTATION OF SUCCESS to your concept. 
Creating a spirit to attract and retain TOP MANAGEMENT and SALES TALENT.
"We translate your vision!"

From store design... To customer relations... To operations... To market research... To administration... To advertising... To wharehouse... To distribution... To sourcing... To finance